Pot size
14 cm
45 - 50 cm

Our 14 cm anthuriums are available in various flower shapes and in a range of colours; this makes them perfect as gift items that can be chosen to coordinate with any interior space.


Anthurium Diamond Red 14cm red
Diamond Red
Anthurium Ariane Red 14cm red
Ariane Red
Anthurium Red Winner 14cm red
Red Winner
Anthurium Anthedesia Pink 14cm pink
Anthedesia Pink
Anthurium Pink Fever 14cm pink
Pink Fever
Anthurium Pink Explosion 14cm pink
Pink Explosion
Anthurium Alexia White 14cm white
Alexia White
Anthurium Prince of Orange 14cm orange
Prince of Orange
Anthurium Alexia Jade 14cm green
Alexia Jade
Anthurium Giant Chocolate 14cm black brown
Giant Chocolate
Anthurium Amalia Elegance 14cm pink white
Amalia Elegance