Diamond Collection

Anthuriums in the Diamond Collection are unique, inspiring and of the very highest quality. Their profusion of flowers and dense foliage make these the perfect anthuriums for upscale garden centres, cash & carries, florists and online vendors. This is the collection in which our new varieties are introduced. Varieties in the Diamond Collection can aptly be described as ‘Especially chosen for you’.

The Diamond Collection also includes what we call our ‘hand-picked selection’. These varieties are real ‘haute couture’ anthuriums that are produced in limited quantities.

Diamond Collection Houwenplant

Success Collection

Anthuriums in the Success Collection are stylish, enticing and elegant. Their botanical packaging makes these anthuriums real eye-catchers in a display! Since the Success Collection is available year round, this makes it perfect for supplying home improvement centres, supermarkets and homeware stores. These anthuriums are meant to be purchased for the buyer’s own use or to give as a gift. Just right for ‘A touch of love’.

Success Collectie Houwenplant

Nature Collection

Anthuriums in the Nature Collection are wonderful no-nonsense plants. These are nice plants that are made available to various kinds of sales outlets where affordability is the top priority. This ‘Nature’s gift’ is our way of guaranteeing a basic level of quality in our anthuriums. With our Nature Collection, we are making anthuriums accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy a houseplant for a long time.

Nature Collectie Houwenplant

Ti Sento

A TiSento is a gift from the heart. By giving a TiSento, you’re expressing what you feel, so a TiSento Anthurium makes just the right gift to provide someone with a happy surprise or to express your appreciation. Our anthuriums in pot sizes 7 and 9 cm can be used to include in stunning combinations along with other flowering houseplants. And what about our anthurium in the gorgeous Specially flowering plant combination in a 12 cm pot, or the Especially version in a 14 cm pot?

Anytime is the time to give a TiSento! It will be a moment you will long remember and a gift that will have others thinking fondly of you for a long time to come.

Ti Sento


The selection from Dolc’Amore is simply perfect in every detail. These are absolutely splendid anthuriums that will immediately make your home inviting and be treating you to flowers for week after week. True value for your money, but even more important: you’re making your home look wonderful. Dolc’Amore offers a complete retail product display that includes our stunning anthuriums as well as other houseplants and bouquets. A real feast for the eye. And this is exactly what we have in mind with Dolc’Amore: letting you enjoy our anthuriums!


Pure Collection

The Pure Collection of anthuriums in ceramic and glass containers is intended for the higher-end sales segment. Frequent updating makes the Pure Collection appealing to consumers all year round. The Pure Collection is characterised by stunning compositions with a natural look.

Pure Collection Pure Expression

Pretty Diamond

Pretty Diamonds is the brand we developed especially for garden centres and upscale home improvement centres. These plants are included in our Diamond Collection, so this means they are absolutely gorgeous plants of excellent quality. Pretty Diamonds can be identified by their specially designed plant marker and white cultivation pot. The Little Diamonds in pot sizes 6, 7, 9, and 10.5 cm are usually purchased in combination with a pretty decorative ceramic or glass pot or in an arrangement.

Pretty Diamond Little Diamond

Added value

We are very much aware of the need to stock a wide selection of various kinds of ceramic and glass containers, sleeves, bags and pot covers. After all, we want to provide you with exactly what you want for holidays as well as any time in between. Perhaps you have a specific idea in mind, or you would like to find out about a wide range of possibilities. If so, know that you are always welcome to visit our production facilities. We would be pleased to help advise you!

Added value